Covid-19 help key workers

Covid-19 is already placing unprecedented demands on the NHS and it is only expected to get worse.


One of the big challenges for some of the people working on the front line is getting food and supplies. This adds to what is already a very difficult situation. 

To help harness the good will and support of many people that want to help, we have set up this page to allow you to register your interest in providing help with shopping (perhaps more in future). We will then provide a matching service with those that need help with their shopping. 

If you are willing to pick up and drop off food and supplies for front line workers in the battle against Covid-19, please register below. 

If you are an individual working on the on the front line in the battle against Covid-19 and are looking for someone to help pick up food and supplies, please register below.  Please also register here if you are part of an organisation that is seeking to coordinate this type of help locally. 

This is purely a service to help collect shopping. It is not to help pay for shopping.

If you would like to speak with us or to learn more, please email us at



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