Case study: Evaluating the benefits of integrating chemotherapy patient management apps

July 10, 2023 • Reading time 2 minutes

Challenges in the Existing Healthcare System for Chemotherapy Patients

Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy have to navigate a complex healthcare system at a particularly stressful point in their lives. Various patient management apps exist to support both patients and providers with this treatment pathway. However, a lack of a single source of information disadvantages both patients and Trusts.

Integrated Solutions for Patient Management and Prescribing Process

In response to this, the industry leader in electronic chemotherapy prescribing developed a product that integrates all aspects of patient management from referral to discharge and simplifies the prescribing process for healthcare professionals. Additionally, another provider created a patient-facing mobile app that brings disparate pieces of information from across the healthcare ecosystem together and delivers personalized support for cancer patients.

A typical Trust will treat between 1,200 and 1,500 new patients with chemotherapy each year. As such there are significant benefits to integrating these two patient management solutions and offering a bundle for purchase by acute providers. Edge Health was commissioned to deliver a report on the potential impacts of the integration. Through a review of existing literature and clinical engagement, we assessed the wide range of benefits throughout the patient journey. By quantifying some of these benefits, we sought to highlight the potential magnitude of the advantages for both Trust’s finances and patients.

Our Analysis of Impacts and Benefits of patient management solutions

Positive Impacts on Patient Care and Risk Management

Many of the identified benefits are felt by the patients themselves. The integrated app and system facilitate the delivery of optimal patient care and minimise chemotherapy treatment’s risks and side effects. The advantages of this integration appear to be most material for patients who may require changes to their treatment, due to adverse reactions or toxicity, or for the rarer cases of more severe illnesses such as colitis and neutropenic sepsis.

Financial Benefits to the Healthcare System

There are also clear and direct financial benefits to the NHS. Chemotherapy drugs are expensive and waste is a substantial issue, whilst the costs of treating patients who develop more significant illnesses during their treatment can be very large. Through accurate capturing and sharing of patient-reported outcomes, the integration contributes to cost savings by minimising the expenses associated with treating such complications or illnesses.

The integration of chemotherapy patient management apps offers significant benefits to both patients and healthcare organizations. By streamlining the treatment process, improving patient care, and reducing financial burdens, this integrated solution has the potential to enhance the overall quality of care for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Acute care providers can leverage these apps to optimize their treatment protocols and improve resource allocation, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes and more efficient healthcare delivery.


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