Helping implement RightCare findings – “Pathway Miner”

February 15, 2017 • Reading time 1 minute

Edge Health was commissioned by a CCG to help them implement the recommendations from their RightCare analysis and accompanying QIPP programme.

We focused on three areas: complex patients, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and community gynaecology. We used patient-level data and advanced analytics, including our Pathway Miner methodology and Wordscraping (which analyses data within clinical letters), to identify the parts of this population that would benefit from different treatments or packages of care, such as a community nurse that specialised in providing IBD care in the community.

We worked closely with clinical teams at the main hospital to build insight and recommendations and as a direct consequence of our work, the IBD team is implementing an IBD Registry to support better management of distinct cohorts of IBD patients. The community gynaecology and acute gynaecology teams are also working together to develop new coordinated working arrangements and a revised community gynaecology contract.

The hospital and CCG continues to implement measures to better manage complex patients.

Pathway Miner is our analytical engine for helping identify unwarranted variation in hospitals or health systems. It uses linked patient level data to generate longitudinal data visualisations, which stimulate and engage local clinicians. In the background, advanced algorithms then search for cohorts of patients that have similar characteristics, which inform commissioning developments.


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