Need to get ready

March 25, 2020 • Reading time 1 minute

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Published 25 March 2020

The HSJ has published sobering data on deaths. Somewhat clearly, it shows that deaths are higher per critical care bed (pre-Covid count) the further you are from central London – the more giant red bubbles in the chart below.

The larger red bubbles tend to sit on the outside of the youthful green fields of London. These organisations have been vulnerable due to their relative closeness to the spike of Covid-19 infections in London, their age demographic and their not having as many critical care beds per head of population as some of the central London hospitals.

What is happening around London should be a warning signal to other hospitals and health systems to get ready now.

While many of these are still at an early stage with a handful of confirmed patients – they are at the trough of a massive and steep wave. This wave is rapidly approaching and with older populations. The chart below is on the same colour scale as the one above – notice the lack of green.

This situation is deeply concerning.


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