(Tentative) good news

April 17, 2020 • Reading time 1 minute

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Published 17 April 2020

It is my first time visiting a hospital in over a month. It’s peaceful and not too busy, although we had three nurses trying to fix the new BadgerNet system earlier. 

So some good news to end the week. The data suggests that the U.K., along with Spain, Italy, and Germany, has started to turn a corner. The number of new cases per day has been falling since 6th April. So seem to have deaths. The peak of infections (at least for now) has passed.

That is not to say we are in the clear. Beds are still occupied and we estimate that 5 million people (at most) have had the disease. There may be another 5 million that have some form of immunity – or perhaps live so far from others that are distantly immune. But the majority of us are still at risk and have to continue to be careful.

Maintaining the current achievement on social distancing will be hard. Especially as the health of the economy looks increasing fragile and many people are starting to tire of the lock down.


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