What is Population Health Platform (PHP)?
PHP is an interactive web-based tool to give you access to large amounts of data about your practice and wider network. This has been developed in Surrey Heartlands.

What data are included?
Data in PHP range from population health (e.g. heart failure prevalence), care offered (e.g. bowel cancer screening), and health outcomes (e.g. A&E attendances). These data come from several different sources that will be extended as well as refreshed in the future. PHP will give you both a succinct overview of your PCN population but also give you access to much more granular data at both an individual practice level and across your network allowing you to review trends, reveal variation and identify opportunities to develop services for your patients.

Why has this been developed now?
The NHS Long Term Plan and the new GP contract set out an ambitious vision for primary care. To help achieve this vision, PCNs are being developed, encouraging practices to work together to develop services for their population over a larger scale and supported with the potential for additional funding.

PHP has been designed to help PCNs and individual practices access a range of data sources to best target their efforts and ideas to achieve the greatest benefit.

Can we input into further development of PHP?
PHP is a platform that can be developed. This means additional data can be added. It also means that additional insights can be pulled out and presented, such as the “Care Gap Identifier". For example, it could include data on timely hospital discharges. We are continuously looking for ways to improve and evolve PHP and your views on that data you want to see and how best it can be accessed and presented will be integral to this process.

Where can I learn more?
PHP has been designed to be as intuitive as possible and includes web links to relevant material, e.g. data on definitions.

PHP image.png

Population Health Platform in Surrey Heartlands

PHP has been developed in Surrey Heartlands. It provides data at the level of general practice and primary care networks. 

Logging into PHP

You can log in to PHP with the following links depending on your host CCG


You will then be asked for your user name and password.


If you do not have these, please email us at: info@edgehealth.co.uk

Why People Use Population Health Platform?

”Population Health Platform has givem us a depth and breadth of data that we have not had before. It is user friendly and we have used it to help drive better outcomes for our population.


GP, Surrey Heartlands

What does Population Health Platform do?


Trend analysis: Look at how different metrics have changed over time, both for your practice and those in your wider geography


Investigate: Dig into specific metrics and look at how they compare across practices in your Primary Care Network


Extensive metrics: Population Health Platform includes over 300 different variables. As others become relevant to your pracitce or network, these can be added to PHP so that you can access analyse. 


Intelligent visualisation: To help navigate all of the data in Population Health Platform, it intelligent algorithms help you identify areas where you oulay or where there are priorities for your area.