Covid-19 from London to Cornwall

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Our regional analysis for the HSJ on the impact of Covid-19 on the NHS got widely covered in the media today.

It shows that infections are currently highest in London, which looks to be two weeks ahead of other regions in England. London is arguably better equipped in terms of critical care beds to meet the demand, which is lower due to the age demographic.

Amid the school closures, the prospect of a London lock-down and risk of Covid-19 on every street corner, families are leaving London for rural relief. I am told by friends that holiday homes usually found empty at this time of the year are now in demand - even if surfing might be banned. The problem is that many of these people will be unwittingly driving Covid-19 down to Cornwall in the back seat. According to a new study, 22% of children under 10 years old are asymptomatic. As our regional analysis showed, the NHS in rural areas like Cornwall is exceptionally vulnerable as they have older populations and fewer beds. A good friend that works at Treliske told me they had a briefing today that set a picture that did not match the peacefulness of the hospital. Getting prepared is important. We have started to help a few of trusts to prepare by understanding the daily demand they are likely to see over the coming weeks. More information on this work can be found here.