Helping with the pressure

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Published 9 April 2020

Do you know if a hospital near you is under a lot of pressure from Covid-19? If you did, would it change your actions or offer assistance? 

Royal Papworth, which opened a new hospital last year, had 43 critical care beds and only 2 deaths (as of earlier this week) has provided support to several other hospitals. That includes Watford General (part of West Herts) who declared a major emergency at the weekend when it faced a lot of pressure. 

We built a pressure index that is based on pre-Covid-19 critical care bed capacity and reported deaths. More deaths suggest more people with Covid-19. Relatively fewer critical care beds per death (after controlling for factors like age) means the hospital may be feeling more pressure.  

In challenging times, it is essential to help others.  Hopefully, this will extend more broadly beyond the UK's response to its challenges with Covid-19 - ventilators for low-income countries?