Press coverage of Edge Health's work on the impact of large events during Covid-19

This is a short summary of international media covering our work on the impact of large events (mass gatherings) from Covid-19 during early and mid-March 2020. For any enquiries please contact George on 07980804956 or



'We were packed like sardines': evidence grows of mass-event dangers early in pandemic

The Guardian (June 3, 2020); David Conn

22 days of dither and delay on coronavirus that cost thousands of British lives

The Times (May 23, 2020); Jonathan Calvert, George Arbuthnott, Jonathan Leake, Dipesh Gadher

Liverpool's clash against Atletico Madrid 'led to 41 additional deaths' as government failed to ban fans... while 'Cheltenham Festival has also been linked to 37 coronavirus-related fatalities in data-modelling'

Daily Mail (May 24, 2020); Nathan Salt

Liverpool v Atletico match caused ‘increased suffering and death’

Liverpool Echo (May 26, 2020); Liam Thorpe