Press Release: KSS ASHN finds that SpaceFinder delivered improved productivity

In July 2019, the Kent Surrey and Sussex Academic Health Science Network undertook an evaluation at Ashford and St Peter's Hospital on the impact of SpaceFinder – a tool developed by Edge Health to improve hospital operating theatre productivity. They found that SpaceFinder delivered:

  • 13.3% increase in surgical procedures per list

  • 3.1% reduction in theatre use outside of core hours

  • Up to 7.1% higher theatre time utilisation

  • £330,000 of additional surgery within the first year

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This builds on previous assessments of the impact of SpaceFinder, such as the £3 million saving that it helped to deliver at South Tees NHS FT by allowing them to turn off weekend working.

SpaceFinder has also been recognised by the CQC in one of its assessments: “The Trust evidenced new models of working using technology with the implementation of the ‘Space Finder’ tool to transform theatre utilisation. The trust demonstrated ‘Space Finder’ has delivered efficiencies, such as weekend work now almost being fully absorbed into weekday lists.”

Patients benefit from this new technology as SpaceFinder means that they wait less time for surgery, are less likely to be operated on at weekends, and have more choice over the scheduling of their operation.

SpaceFinder works by analysing detailed data on past operations to understand the key factors that determine operating time. This includes information on the planned operation, patient, surgeon, anaesthetist, operating team, and operating theatre. These data are used to accurately predict operating time, so that space in an operating list can be identified and filled. Or overruns identified.

SpaceFinder also proposed optimal operating lists that are tailored to the surgeon and hospital. This is done by creating lists that make the most of hospital resources, including the available operating time. As it is tailored, these lists are optimal and minimise lost time and cancellations that can occur if equipment are scarce.

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