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Automatically prioritise your surgical waiting list while minimising risk, to focus on delivering care.

Priorisiter is a software solution that prioritises your surgical waiting list based on Royal College of Surgeons guidance, reducing the administrative burden on clinicians and unlocking their time to focus on delivery — which is important as the NHS recovers from the disruption of Covid-19.


Find out how we can help you manage your surgical waiting list.

Unlock clinicians’ time so they can focus on delivering care to the patients on your waiting list.


Reduce clinician workload

Prioritiser automatically categorises your surgical waiting list, lightening the administrative burden on clinicians and reducing their workload.


Focus on delivery to clear the surge

To support the NHS in clearing the backlog and in preparation for the surge in pent-up demand, Prioritiser frees up clinicians’ time, so they can focus on delivering care.


Automatic, replicable & verifiable

Prioritiser applies guidance from the Royal College of Surgeons to your waiting list. Using AI-driven technology, the process is automatic, replicable, and verifiable, allowing clinical boards to assess compliance with the guidance.


Reduces risk

Prioritiser is designed to help identify deviation from agreed standards, thus limiting the scope for a different interpretation of the guidance (which may be difficult to identify and could lead to an increased inequality in healthcare in the long-term).

This is critical to the NHS recovery

"Prioritiser is a powerful tool that uses our data to help us prioritise patients. The artificial intelligence means that our clinicians will spend far less time organising their waiting lists and more time focusing on delivery."

Gary Owens, Director, NHS

We’re here to help you manage the patients on your waiting list. 

1. Diagnose



Assess size of demand and capacity imbalance

1. Diagnose

Assess size of the demand and any capacity imbalance

2.  Calibrate


Calibrate Prioritiser with local data and criteria

2.  Calibrate


Calibrate Prioritiser with local data and criteria

How Prioritiser helps you prioritise your surgical cases.


Prioritiser uses your data to help you prioritise the patients on your surgical waiting list.

3.  Test and optimise


Trial Prioritiser with hospital consultants and optimise

6. Track


Detect any deviation from the guidance

5. Prioritise


Proactively prioritise waiting list

5. Prioritise


Prioritise the surgical patient waiting list

4. Handover


Provide training on the use of Prioritiser 

Good waiting list management without the administrative burden.


Post-Covid, the correct prioritisation of cases is essential to reduce the potential for harm. Good waiting list management — consistent and in line with agreed guidance — takes valuable time for clinicians. 


Prioritiser automates the process of prioritising patients, allowing clinicians to focus on delivering care.


In tests, Prioritiser matched the priority category of patients on the waiting list with that allocated by clinicians in 90% of cases. 

Prioritiser provides ongoing surveillance of how cases have been prioritised in practice to provide on-going assurance and, as the approach is coded, it can be checked and updated for new guidance.

We want to help you and your organisation manage your waiting list as effectively and efficiently as possible. We’re here and ready to listen.

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