Our Data Products

Edge Health works with leading health and care organisations and professionals to create better analytics and insights from their data.

Our data products do this on an ongoing basis by taking data feeds and producing repeatable and scalable insights and analysis. This includes tried and tested Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques, which help unlock new value from old data.

Our current range of data products are set out below. Additionally, Edge Health is often commissioned to develop and test innovative prototype data products.

Each data product is system agnostic and works with all PAS and EPR systems (Cerner, EPIC, System C, etc.). These can be commissioned locally on your servers, or we are able to provide the cloud infrastructure (secure HSCN connected).


Automatically prioritise your surgical waiting list while minimising risk, to focus on delivering care

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    Backlog supports Covid-19 recovery planning by providing a range of demand and capacity scenarios for key assets (diagnostics, theatres, beds, etc.) to reflect different recovery options amid the uncertainty of future Covid-19 outbreaks

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    Track individual patients along their 62-day pathway to identify those at risk of a breach, or identify capacity bottlenecks (e.g. radiology)

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    Track and monitor demand and capacity for cancer diagnostics and services across a Cancer Alliance to proactively identify and manage capacity bottlenecks

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    CanPlan enables strategic cancer capacity planning by providing insights and geospatial analytics on incidence, existing capacity, and simulating potential capacity options

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    Estimate the item-by-item requirements for Personal Protection Equipment (masks, gowns, gloves, etc.) for a hospital or care home

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    Accurately predict short-term Covid-19 demand for general hospital and critical care beds

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    Provides scenario-based estimates for infections, deaths, and hospital admissions for geographic outbreaks of Covid-19

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    Optimises theatre schedules based on predicted operating times and local constraints.

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    Plan future bed capacity requirements under a range of scenarios (different levels of demand, or different ward configurations)

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    Understand, plan, and manage critical care bed demand

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    Utilise hospital theatre capacity more effectively by identifying theatre space ahead of a scheduled session taking place.

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    PopNeed helps GPs, PCNs and others to manage population health more effectively by consolidating, analysing, and presenting information relevant to their local population in a single and easy to access on-line platform

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    Identify variation in pathways that lead to poorer outcomes or higher cost for cohorts of patients, so that improvement opportunities can be identified and delivered

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    A comprehensive system planning tool that brings together activity, operational performance, cost and income information

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    Review, track and explore system (e.g. ICS) assurance metrics

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