Track and monitor demand and capacity for cancer diagnostics and services across a Cancer Alliance to proactively identify and manage capacity bottlenecks

CanCollaborate uses waiting list data from multiple Trusts to create a system-wide view of demand and capacity. CanCollaborate maps individuals that are waiting for cancer diagnostics or treatment to cancer pathways so delays that may cause a breach are identified ahead of time allowing mitigating action to be taken. The waiting list is mapped to predicted resource utilisation (e.g. endoscopy) and benchmarked to historical utilisation, allowing Trusts and the Alliance to spot and mitigate bottlenecks. CanCollaborate supports joint working between Trusts by identifying capacity sharing opportunities.

Example problem solved:
• Identify patients at risk of breaching their cancer target.
• Map waiting list to capacity units to identify Trust and Alliance bottlenecks
• Identifies opportunities for capacity sharing between Trusts in Alliances

• Secure and easy to access platform
• Collating multiple data sources
• Clinically validated pathway milestones
• Machine learning
• Clustering
• Statistical analysis
• Dashboard summary
• Downloadable reports

• Maximise use of resources
• Prevent cancer patients waiting too long for their treatment
• Facilitate joint working
• One access point
• Easy to access information for different users
• No user limits

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