Track individual patients along their 62-day pathway to identify those at risk of a breach, or identify capacity bottlenecks (e.g. radiology)

CanTrack links to Trust waiting lists and maps individuals waiting for cancer diagnostics or treatment to cancer pathways. These specific journeys are mapped to targets from non-breach patient journeys, so delays that may cause a breach are identified ahead of time allowing mitigating action to be taken.
Outputs are summarised by cancer site but allow drill down into specific cases.

Example problem solved:
• Shift from breach management to proactive case management
• Identify patients at risk of breaching their cancer target.
• Automate reporting of cancer breaches for NHSI/E reporting

• Patient-level summary
• Cancer site-specific pathway milestones
• Secure and easy to access platform
• Clinically validated pathway milestones
• Machine learning
• Clustering
• Statistical analysis
• Dashboard summary
• Downloadable reports

• Maximise use of resources
• Prevent cancer patients waiting too long for their treatment
• One access point
• Easy to access information for different users
• No user limits

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