Understand, plan, and manage critical care bed demand

CriticalPlanner uses historic critical care demand data from local systems, including ICNARC data, to provide an assessment of historical demand patterns and drivers. This is then projected forward to estimate planned care requirements (e.g. post-surgical) in the context of uncertainty from unplanned admissions.

Example problems solved:
• How to utilise critical care beds more effectively
• How to plan shifts to align best to demand profiles
• Identify over or under booking of critical care beds in advance.

• Secure and easy to access on-line platform
• Metrics on critical care bed demand, capacity, and utilisation
• Accurate bed occupancy predictions for planned admissions
• Multiple pre-coded demand, capacity and flow scenarios included.
• Machine learning
• Clustering
• Statistical analysis
• Downloadable reports summarising metrics

• Critical care bed demand and capacity with insights and analysis on usage patterns
• Ward and specialty view provide an in-depth understanding of Trust specific pressure points
• Easy to access information for different users
• No user limits

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