Optimises theatre schedules based on predicted operating times and local constraints.

Using estimated operating times from SpaceFinder and a detailed understanding of local constraints (equipment, surgeon capabilities, etc.), ListBuilder creates operating lists that make the best use of the time available. Alternatively, ListBuilder can be calibrated to optimise different criteria, such as minimising waiting times or prioritising cases (e.g. based on outputs from Prioritiser to help manage post-Covid-19 demand).

Example problems solved:
• How to optimise available theatre operating time
• How to maximise the use of theatres to reduce priority demand
• How to avoid double-booking limited equipment

• Secure and easy to access on-line platform
• Lists are based on local constraints (e.g. surgeons rota and theatre’s equipment)
• Local prioritisation rules for patients on the waitlist
• Machine learning
• Statistical analysis
• Downloadable reports with proposed lists

• Easy to access information for bookers
• Reduced on the day cancellation rates
• Reduced admin workload
• No user limits

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