Estimate the item-by-item requirements for Personal Protection Equipment (masks, gowns, gloves, etc.) for a hospital or care home

PPE-demand is based on estimates of potential infections (e.g. ideally generated from the Model-R data product), which are translated into PPE requirements (masks, gowns, gloves, etc.) based on locally agreed requirements, usage, and wastage patterns.

Example problem solved:
• Estimating PPE stock requirements week-by-week for different items of PPE
• Safely reducing inventory requirements.
• Ensuring adequate PPE available for staff ahead of potential outbreaks

• Secure and easy to access on-line platform
• PPE requirements are broken down by item
• Machine learning
• Statistical analysis
• Downloadable reports summarising key metrics

• Make sure enough stock of PPE for staff requirements.
• Easy to access information for different users
• No user limits


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