Identify variation in pathways that lead to poorer outcomes or higher cost for cohorts of patients, so that improvement opportunities can be identified and delivered

PathwayMiner uses longitudinal patient-level data pulled together from existing information systems to create rich pictures of individual pathways over time. These are analysed using machine learning techniques to identify cohorts of pathways with similar features (usage of an emergency department, or recurring outpatient attendance, etc.). The cost of the pathways for these cohorts can then be estimated and quality of outcomes assessed clinically so that high-value improvements can be identified and delivered.

Example problem solved:
• Identifying pathways where improvements can be delivered
• Identifying the root cause of low-value interventions
• Identifying specific areas for delivering RightCare improvements

• Longitudinal patient-level analysis
• Machine learning and clustering algorithms
• Underpinned by clinical intelligence

• Identify specific pathways and areas for improvement.
• Powerful evidence for system changes underpinned by specific examples
• Costs and outcomes both considered for full economic assessment.