PopNeed helps GPs, PCNs and others to manage population health more effectively by consolidating, analysing, and presenting information relevant to their local population in a single and easy to access on-line platform

Managing population health can improve outcomes and reduce health system cost. This needs information and analytics on care gaps and population health in general. PopNeed provides this information by pulling together a wide range of data that is publicly available and supplied locally. This information is harmonised, analysed, and summarised in a user-friendly dashboard. The analysis includes practice and PCN benchmarking, geographic analysis, and care gap identification based on emergency service usage patterns. Summaries are accessed based on population segments (e.g. diabetes) or themes (e.g. screening).

Example problem solved:
• Analysis and insights from PopNeed can be used to support successful business cases.
• Identify care gaps in local communities driving increased use of emergency care.
• Easy to access information covering a wide range of population health metrics
• Use as a starting point for ICP/CCG public health campaigns.

• Secure and easy to access on-line platform
• Metrics on wider determinants, activity and cost, and outcomes
• Machine learning
• Clustering
• Geographic analysis and mapping
• Statistical analysis
• Downloadable reports summarising metrics for key populations

• One access point for population health management information
• Identify population health differences across geography.
• Facilitate benchmarking between practices and PCNs
• Easy to access information for different users
• No user limits

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