A comprehensive system planning tool that brings together activity, operational performance, cost and income information

StrategicPlanner helps systems, and their hospitals trust to base planning and contracting discussions on a firm evidence base that translates proposals into key metrics, such the impact on activity, cost, and income. This is done using patient-level information and costing (PLICS) data, which is combined with a clear understanding of proposals being considered to provide summary information and insight.

Example problems solved:
• Robust and detailed evidence base for system planning
• Comprehensive understanding of the potential impact of proposed changes on all parts of a hospital: theatres, beds, and A&E, and support services (radiology, pathology, etc.)

• Predictive analytics
• PLICS based analysis
• Outputs clear information on activity, cost, and income
• Machine learning
• Clustering
• Statistical analysis
• Downloadable reports summarising metrics

• Provides granular outputs at a level which clinician can recognise their activity and effectively engage
• Outputs that feed directly into the regulatory returns that Trusts are required to submit
• An intuitive user interface, which allows the user to explore data by specialty, HRG, commissioner or consultant
• Planning not just for the "average" day, but also the peaks and troughs by understanding the variations expected in the demand
• Accurate and innovative predictive engine, using machine learning techniques and predictive analytics to get a robust view of future demand that goes beyond extrapolations
• Joined up view of activity, cost, and income under different scenarios
• Easy to access

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