Review, track and explore system (e.g. ICS) assurance metrics

SystemAssurance is a user-friendly dashboard that summarises local system data needed for system assurance. This includes provider performance (e.g. RTT, 4-hour), quality, cost, activity, etc. Key metrics are summarised on a home page, which can be drilled into to provide greater depth and longitudinal values over time.

Example problems solved:
• Summary dashboard of how ICS is performing at a point in time
• How the system has performed over time
• Geographic analysis comparing different parts of the system

• Performance metric analysis
• Outcome metric analysis
• Cost metric analysis
• Activity metric analysis
• Geographic and spatial analysis
• Map-based visuals
• Real-time data
• Machine learning
• Clustering
• Statistical analysis
• Downloadable reports summarising metrics

• Connects to local data sources, so builds one version of the truth.
• SystemAssurance is typically built in Tableau but can also be provided in PowerBI, Shiny and other visualisation systems.
• Easy to access

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