Barriers new technologies face

Often not enough attention is placed on the practical barriers new technologies face when coming into routine use.

Winning hearts and minds – changing behaviour – is as important as a powerful message about the value you can bring. Addressing this needs a constant focus on demonstrating the many dimensions of a technology’s value and understanding, in a very practical way, what needs to change for it to become part of routine treatment.

Our work in this sector includes


Economic evaluations and cost-benefit analysis of your technology

  • Reviewing existing evidence and collecting qualitative and quantitative data, including patient and staff interviews
  • Modelling the cost and benefit associated with different impact pathways


Applied health economics

  • Analysis and modelling in order to support teams, regulators and governments to make better, evidence-based decisions
  • Market access and technology positioning amongst competitors


Pathway optimisation with the introduction of your technology

  • Analysis of variation in the use of your technology
  • Combining local clinical and operational expertise to get a single version of the truth and to make it easier for local systems to adapt to and adopt your technology

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