​Strategic Planner

Improve annual planning

Strategic Planner is a tool to help with annual planning

It is designed to make the annual planning process better through trusted data

Data that is relevant to all stakeholders (clinicians, managers, commissioners, and regulators)

Get more from your hospital

Improve your annual planning, so that it is easier, quicker and based on robust information


Plan and manage beds, so that they do not create a bottleneck for surgey

Plan and schedule optimal theatre lists to maximise the use of your theatres

Identify excess demand for critical care beds in advance of major operations

Plan for your population

Identify variation on pathways to improve outcomes

Plan cancer care more effectively to meet the needs of your population

We don’t need robotic doctors if we can plan, schedule and target clinicians time better

We’ve all seen the real challenges the NHS faces. Hospital trolleys queuing down corridors waiting to get into A&E. Rising waiting lists for routine surgery. We’ve also seen empty theatres and last minute cancellations due to poor scheduling or a lack of beds, people confused when they arrive for a clinic they didn’t know they needed, and investments in new programmes and infrastructure that don’t deliver.

Solutions are people based. But we believe technology can help by solving one problem at a time. So we have developed a set of data products to complement our advisory work. These have been designed with end users to harness technology and routinely collected data to solve complex problems:

  • knowing that too many people are admitted for respiratory illnesses is different from finding people in the community that will benefit from a new service - harder still to make the service economically viable; and

  • in a world of uncertainty, planning and scheduling health services tests everyone’s resolve – harder still when there are competing priorities and unfolding emergencies to tackle.


Our data products can help to solve these problems. For example, Space Finder uses predictive modelling to improve theatre scheduling; and pathway miner combines clinical insight with clustering algorithms to identify patient cohorts that would benefit from targeted interventions. These have helped deliver improved outcomes and performance.


When we deliver our work, our clients value our energy, innovation and the personal approach we take with their teams and stakeholders. It means our outputs are integrated seamlessly and without disruption:

  • “Edge helped us to put the plan into planned care” - Director of Strategy and Transformation

  • “It has given us a very different insight into the way we plan care and allowed a different conversation with clinicians” - Medical Director

We are proud of the what we have achieved, read our case studies to learn more.

Our approach to development

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