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Hospital operations are complex. Predicting how long they will take and what equipment they will require is difficult. This can lead to inefficient operating lists that don’t use available time, or end with cancellations, wasting the time of valuable clinical teams.

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How can Space Finder help you?

How does SpaceFinder work?


Predict Space: How much space is predicted on future operating lists - based on historial data


Track Changes: Changes and improvements week on week in case length and utilisation 


Pick a Case: Waiting list data are presented, so that priority cases can be booked and future lists can be scheduled


Analyse Results: Bespoke analytics that help you analyse performance across theatres.

Why People Use SpaceFinder?

“Space Finder allowed us to prospectively view real time case opportunity across our scheduled lists to drive up performance and utilise our theatre plant more efficiently”.


Director of Strategy at South Tees NHSFT

Everybody Benefits


Booking Managers

Makes their jobs easier by providing suggested surgery lists.


Hospital Management 


Improved transparency helps management target specific areas for improvement.




Accurately plan operating lists in advance and reduce cancellations.




Improved access to hospital services, reduces waiting times.

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