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From Pipelines to Vision

We aim to make it straightforward for NHS teams to access and utilise public data effectively. To achieve this, our team of engineers have built reliable pipelines with Azure and Databricks, turning complex datasets into clear, ready-to-use information.

Here, we are excited to feature a pair of dashboards designed to offer a clear snapshot of insights at a glance. Normally, we’d guide you through the data’s story, helping you understand the finer points and variations. Yet, we believe in the power of making data more accessible to all.
These dashboards, with their clarity and ease of use, deliver essential information efficiently, ensuring that anyone can grasp the key messages without needing a background in data analysis.

To find out more, or speak to us about accessing our clean data, click below:

NHS Data Dashboards

Insights Within Reach

Our skilled data engineers and analysts have curated public NHS datasets to allow non-data users to interact with them.
Key metrics have been condensed in dashboards that allow users to quickly review valuable information.
The dashboards below are particularly designed to support organisations review local and national performance and benchmark against peers.