We can support you

Whether you have developed a novel solution that has the potential to positively impact healthcare, or you are a health provider looking at implementing new services, we can support you every step of the way.

We provide comprehensive economics and finance evaluations that can range from qualitative and quantitative data collection and analytics, proof of concept and market analysis all the way to quantifying benefits and supporting change.

Our work in this sector includes


Developing innovative tools that match your requirements

  • Operational tools development and handover to local teams
  • Supporting the adoption of innovative tools at the system and national level


Economic evaluations and cost-benefit analysis

  • Reviewing existing evidence and collecting qualitative and quantitative data, including patient and staff interviews
  • Modelling the cost and benefit associated with different impact pathways


Social value and socioeconomic impact analysis

  • Modelling scenarios to assess the impact of changes in pathways and modes of access


Large-scale interventions and national roll-outs

  • Insights provision both at a regional and national level, in order to make decisions at scale while taking into account local priorities

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