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We work with leading health and care organisations and professionals to create better analytics and insights from their data  

Bringing data to life

Focus area #1

Support for


  • infection modelling and scenario planning 

  • demand impact on NHS and public services

  • statistical analysis of testing data

Focus area #2

Population health

  • population health analytics 

  • clinical demand modelling 

  • risk stratification 

Focus area #3

Provision optimisation

  • performance, efficiency and opportunity identification 

  • patient flow, demand and capacity optimising

  • estate and workforce modelling and simulation

Focus area #4

System    management

  • system demand and capacity modelling 

  • pathway optimisation 

  • system analysis and monitoring 

Focus area #5



  • economic analysis -

  • return and impact assessment

  • advanced analytics for discovery and trial 

Family doctor online. Young family with a son makes a video call via laptop to a pediatric

Evaluating video consultations in secondary care

Video Consultations in Secondary Care

With over 3 million video consultations delivered (equivalent to six hospital outpatient departments), the rollout of video consultations represents one of the largest and most successful deployments of new technology in the NHS's history. We estimate that the shift helped save over 530 years of travel and waiting time for patients and over 11 million pieces of PPE (equivalent to 110 million plastic straws). 

Read our evaluation to find out more. 

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Our approach

We connect data with people to understand what is happening at the deepest level, so that we can provide leading insights and analysis


Providing insight and analysis that brings data to life requires more than just smart algorithms. It starts with an understanding of the problem, which means working closely with professionals from our clients. We have found that this helps us to understand the context and feeds our creativity so that successful and innovative solutions can be developed. 

Our outputs are tailored to each organisation. They include:

  • bespoke consultancy support, such as a report summarising our insights and analysis

  • data visualisations, such as interactive dashboards

  • data products, such as intelligent theatre scheduling software

The process for generating these outputs is essential. Our philosophy is built around being open, helpful and transparent. 

To do all of this, we have a highly skilled and experienced team with a range of capabilities:

  • economics, demand and capacity modelling

  • machine learning and data science

  • geographic analysis and mapping

  • infographics and data visualisation

  • data reporting and dashboard development

  • bespoke data products and data pipeline development

  • survey design, implementation and analysis

  • strategy, support and coaching

Our insights and analysis

Our work delivers leading insights and analysis for our clients, industry and broader community, but its success is driven by connection and relevance 

Why Edge Health?

Analysis and insights that help deliver better outcomes

The Edge Health team work to get behind the data and understand what is causing the patterns observed. This approach is driven by curiosity has helped deliver better outcomes for our clients.

Examples include: 

  •  SpaceFinder, our theatre scheduling data product, helped increase in-core hour theatre productivity, which allowed South Tees to turn off weekend working - this saved them £3 million.

  • Our Covid-19 modelling quantified the pressure the disease would place on the NHS, specifically ventilators and critical care beds - this led to nationwide efforts to increase capacity.

  • Analytical support for the GIRFT programme, including over 1,000 reports, has helped Trusts across England to identify opportunities to reduce unwarranted variation, leading to better outcomes and savings.

  • Scenario modelling and pricing analysis for the NHS Commercial Medicine team helped reduce the cost of Adalimumab - this saved over £290 million.

  • Our work for the Specialist Orthopaedic Alliance identified costs not reimbursed under existing arranged - our work helped to secure £30 million for the SOA.


Our clients

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