Care systems and individual providers

Care systems and individual providers are challenged with unprecedented pressures to deliver better care within an increasingly constrained system.

A deep understanding of pathways, operations and demands is key to using resources effectively while adopting new technologies and models of care. Edge Health works closely with frontline professionals to deliver better care, by connecting their invaluable work with data.

Our work in this sector includes


Operations and pathways

  • Bed modelling and patient flow
  • Department and care setting optimisation


Demand Forecasting and Capacity Planning

  • Analysing demand for services and diagnostics at system level
  • Planning for capacity to tackle unwarranted variation
  • Understanding the implications for linear accelerator capacity and their appropriate location


Evaluating new technologies and models of care

  • Assessment of emerging technologies, recommendations for implementation
  • Development and support of pilots for novel models of care


Financial Recovery

  • Understanding mandated targets and subsequent service optimisation
  • Market awareness


Procurement Analysis

  • Quality and cost-effectiveness analysis of services
  • Business cases
  • Mergers and acquisitions

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