We apply Health Economics, Evaluation and Outcome Research tools to develop compelling and academically rigorous narratives on the commercial viability of products and services. Our approach combines academic rigor with a commercial focus to improve access when it drives value.

Our work is used to:

  • Understand commercial viability and inform positioning in the market;
  • Quantify costs and benefits of an intervention;
  • Design, monitor and evaluate a pilot intervention to help ensure benefit realisation; and
  • Develop business cases.

Examples of our work include:

  • Developing the successfully approved business case for the +£300m Federated Data Platform for NHS England;
  • Collaborating with DrDoctor to clearly articulate the potential of digitally-enabled patient-initiated follow-ups (PIFU) at NHS Trusts to help them meet NHSE targets whilst driving down waiting list size and improving patient experiences;
  • Delivering a comprehensive independent health economic evaluation of the implementation of Skin Analytics’ AI-Powered Teledermatology product at a large NHS Trust, including scenario analysis to support recommendations for improvement;
  • Supporting Academic Health Science Networks with the health economic evaluations of several novel innovations within the NHS to support regional decisions on adoption and spread; and
  • Evaluating the impact of COVID restrictions on air travel, which supported their complete removal in January 2022.

What We Do


Health Economics and Outcome Research (HEOR)

We provide full-spectrum Health Economic and Outcome Research (HEOR) methods to identify and evaluate the effects of healthcare interventions on patients.Our recent work includes the health economic assessment of ctDNA testing, Minder (UK DRI remote dementia care platform), and Vitacam (Atrial Fibrillation Diagnostic). We have also worked with a charity to understand the outcomes of using social media to support people affected by chronic conditions.


Health Economic Evaluation

We provide in-depth, mixed-method evaluation reports that assess value for money, including cost-effectiveness, benefit-cost ratios, and scenario analysis. We also consider patient and staff perceptions to provide rounded support for implementation and decision-making of ongoing programmes of work.Our recent projects include several health economic evaluations for the Health Innovation East Midlands Evaluation Fund, including the evaluation of the Skin Analytics AI-Powered Teledermatology Solution.


Survey Development and Deployment, and Analysis

We tailor and deploy dynamic surveys to gather hard-to-get data and stakeholder insights. We’ve recently developed and deployed an international user survey, which was completed by 1,506 participants across three countries. The data collected served as a crucial part of our socio-economic impact assessment related to changing the prescription status of a nasal decongestant.


Business Case Development

We provide end-to-end support for developing local and national business cases to help ensure approvals are achieved. Our recent national business case work includes the NHS Federated Data Platform and NHS England Data for Research and Development programmes.We also have supported local business cases including the development of new Emergency Departments for Ashford and St. Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.


Benefits Tracking and Realisation

We offer support in developing strategies for tracking and realising the key benefits of a programme, thereby helping clients to maximise benefit realisation and meet reporting requirements.Our recent work includes the development of a benefits realisation strategy for the NHSE Data for Research and Development programme. We’ve also helped local pilots set up data collection tools to ensure effective evaluation, such as the recent work with the Polypharmacy MDT pilot in Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland (LLR).


Pricing and Regulation

We provide robust financial analysis for NHS commissioners, providers and regulators to ensure that tariff and funding are allocated optimally.

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