Developing a System Intelligence Specification in South East London

December 18, 2023 • Reading time 2 minutes

There are unprecedented challenges facing health, care and communities, and a need to change how we work in response. There is huge potential in the data and capabilities already available within systems, and opportunities to address growing activity, financial and workforce pressures by making best-use of limited resources.

It is critical that systems have a shared vision and understanding for how the effective use of business intelligence and analytics can improve health outcomes

This vision must encompass improving outcomes in population health and healthcare, tackling inequalities in outcomes, experience and access, and enhancing productivity and value-for-money.

Wordcloud from System-wide Analytics Survey

The System Intelligence Specification for SEL ICS was co-developed with a wide range of leaders and stakeholders across the system

This included individuals from the SEL Integrated Care Board, Place, local Councils, acute, mental health, primary, community and social care providers, and other clinical networks and partners leading innovation in the system. Edge Health partnered with Public Private Ltd (PPL) to gather experience and insight on current requirements on business intelligence, articulating the future for analytics, and identifying the gaps.

The System Intelligence Specification articulated what South East London will be able to deliver through the better use of information and data, supported by key use case examples

The specification aimed to be ambitious but pragmatic, focussing on key value-add use cases and real-life examples to describe what collaborative working principles, skills and data are required to support enhanced working at all system levels.

This led to short and long-term recommendations to the SEL Board, and plans to deliver on these strategic commitments

The work and engagement provided collective clarity and a focus on opportunities that should be developed as a system. It provided a starting point for workshops that were held to formalise a digital and data enablement group in SEL, bringing together system leaders to turn data into insight into action, and impact individual patient outcomes.


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