Caring with data: hospital health diagnostic

July 15, 2015 • Reading time 1 minute

Members of Edge Health’s team were commissioned by an acute provider to undertake a short diagnostic analysis using our ‘Caring with Data’ methodology. This methodology takes patient level data to build a diagnostic tool of the key issues affecting flow and capacity within a hospital.

The analysis was presented to members of the hospital’s executive team and their turnaround director. It highlighted and quantified key concerns relating to issues such as: avoidable admissions for ambulatory care sensitive conditions; unusually high rates of admission through A&E for patients that subsequently have limited clinical intervention; and the impact of more appropriate management of “minors” in A&E.

Caring with Data is our hospital and health system diagnostic. Caring with Data uses tried and tested algorithms, which have been developed across a number of health systems. These help to identify issues relating to flow and variation, which can form the basis of targeted interventions or further analysis.


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