Supporting AGEM with their Business Intelligence function

March 21, 2023 • Reading time 1 minute

NHS Arden and GEM (AGEM) have been undertaking a programme of value proposition workstreams to shape their multidisciplinary approach to supporting current and future customers as they rapidly evolve. This work included benchmarking current and future analytic products and services, and shaping how best to continue to develop and improve these offers.

To support this work, AGEM commissioned a strategy consolidation exercise including a review of their business intelligence and analytics function.

Strategy for market success

The core of the piece of work was to condense and build on the strategic plan in place and to strengthen AGEM’s unique position in the healthcare analytics space. AGEM’s success is built on its strength of ‘at scale’ data processing (processing a third of England’s healthcare data), breadth of customer base (across local authorities to primary care to national bodies), and strength in analytics, data engineering and application development.

Edge Health provided a detailed strategic roadmap tailored to AGEM’s current strengths and limitations, whose core suggestions built on the current trend of analytics functions from being “back office” towards being at the core of business delivery. The work helped to articulate and refocus an understanding of what is currently working well, and what can be improved upon – with the objective of continuing to develop the market appetite for innovative solutions.


Edge Health are a specialist UK healthcare analytics consultancy that use data and insights to improve the delivery of health and care services, so that better outcomes can be delivered more efficiently.