January 28, 2019 • Reading time 1 minute

Jon’s adventures at Edge Health started a year ago, and it has proven to be one of a kind!

Prior to joining Edge Health, Jon had worked on a number of projects with future co-founders, Ed and George. When they asked him to join the team at Edge, Jon could not turn down the opportunity to work on exciting and challenging healthcare projects.

Jon’s first project was on the developing a model that could predict critical care bed occupancy using various machine learning and econometric techniques. ‘’I was thrilled, it was my first healthcare project I had done in a while. I loved having the freedom to come up with innovative solutions to a difficult question, and to make a real difference to how our client worked”.

It was first and foremost that freedom and space to do things differently that had driven Jon to join the start-up. He also hugely enjoys the collaboration and passion of the team to work towards a common goal. Finally, despite the challenging nature of the consulting work, Jon truly believes he is making a difference at Edge to our clients, and most importantly patients’ lives.

Outside work, Jon enjoys watching snooker and playing football. Late last year, Jon went canoeing with his dad in Sweden. ‘’It was an incredible experience, we didn’t see another person in nearly a week!’’.

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Edge Health are a specialist UK healthcare analytics consultancy that use data and insights to improve the delivery of health and care services, so that better outcomes can be delivered more efficiently.