Urgent economic appraisal to assess viability of options for an acute hospital

August 15, 2018 • Reading time 1 minute

Edge Health was asked to provide urgent support to an acute hospital assessing the options for its future viability ahead of a critical meeting with NHS Improvement and NHS England.

The hospital in the northwest of England had seen a significant deterioration in its financial position and was asked by the regulators to work with its commissioners to develop a sustainable plan for their future. Due to the scale of the challenge faced, the trust wanted to consider a range of options including consolidation of its estate and potential new build.

Previous work undertaken for the Trust by a Big Four firm had failed to produce a coherent set of options or robust analysis – key metrics were incorrect, and trust had been eroded between stakeholders.

Working with stakeholders across the Trust and commissioner, the Edge team rapidly developed a set of agreed options supported by trusted analysis. The output of this work formed the basis of discussions with the regulators and is now being used in the wider STP to support a system-wide plan.


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