Population Health Platform is a window into all of the data needed to help you manage the health of your population


PHP includes over 300 different metrics taking you from wider determinants of health, catchment areas and maps of Primary Care Networks, health indicators, to outcomes and activity in the wider health system. It is also evolving over time as new data are identified and added.


PHP provides a one-stop-shop for all data that are relevant and insightful about your population.


Typical questions solved with PHP include:

  • Where are the hot spots of need?

  • How does my PCN compare to neighbours?

  • What impact do my patients make at the hospital?

  • How have measures changed over time?

  • Is there variation within my PCN?

  • Which interventions would give the greatest returns for my PCN?

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Why People Use Population Health Platform?

”Population Health Platform has givem us a depth and breadth of data that we have not had before. It is user friendly and we have used it to help drive better outcomes for our population.


GP, Surrey Heartlands

What does Population Health Platform do?


Trend analysis: Look at how different metrics have changed over time, both for your practice and those in your wider geography


Investigate: Dig into specific metrics and look at how they compare across practices in your Primary Care Network


Extensive metrics: Population Health Platform includes over 300 different variables. As others become relevant to your pracitce or network, these can be added to PHP so that you can access analyse. 


Intelligent visualisation: To help navigate all of the data in Population Health Platform, it intelligent algorithms help you identify areas where you oulay or where there are priorities for your area.