Maria Starovoitova

About Me

Maria is a consultant at Edge Health with a background in statistics and computer science. She has a diverse set of experiences supporting NHS organisations with statistical analysis, demand and forecasting modelling, data visualisation and application development.

Maria has led numerous projects automating complex data pipelines and producing reports and web applications that communicate data effectively and help inform operational decisions in the areas of community care, elective care, and post-Covid recovery.

She is also heavily involved in different modelling workstreams, helping national teams with projecting demand and estimating the capacity required to meet it (including secondary care Ophthalmology and Cardiology services, and rehabilitation in community care settings).

Maria has recently been involved in a number of projects analysing the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the NHS nationally and regionally. She has analysed and visualised data from multiple large data sets providing insight into the performance of healthcare providers during the years of the pandemic and modelling potential consequences of Covid-19, e.g. on the waiting times for elective surgery.