The Value of Clinical Homecare to the NHS, Patients and Society

March 19, 2024 • Reading time 2 minutes


Clinical Homecare offers a unique solution to some of the NHS’ key challenges, providing vital care to over 600,000 patients with chronic health conditions while mitigating the strain on traditional UK healthcare systems. The decision to opt for Clinical Homecare is collaboratively made by patients and their medical teams, with funding predominantly provided by pharmaceutical manufacturers or directly by the NHS.

The National Clinical Homecare Association (NCHA) commissioned a report from ZPB and Edge Health to help understand the potential value of Clinical Homecare, considering its impact on patients, the NHS, and society more generally. Working with a range of experts in the homecare sector, our team undertook an examination of the economic implications of Clinical Homecare services.


To ensure the robustness of the analysis, we adopted a multi-faceted approach Data from various sources including industry performance indicators, public datasets. observational studies, patient surveys, and interviews were included. Additionally, insights from government reports, academic research, medical journals, and clinical guidelines were leveraged to offer a comprehensive understanding of Clinical Homecare’s impact.

Our work employed a health economics analysis, comparing the economic implications of Clinical Homecare services versus traditional NHS pathways. All key benefits were quantified in monetary terms, with a broad societal perspective adopted to contextualise decision-making for policymakers.


The analysis provides evidence of the potential economic benefits associated with Clinical Homecare services. Modelling shows clinical homecare saves the economy £264 million a year by reducing NHS appointments and keeping people in work. Moreover, the societal value of Clinical Homecare emerged prominently, underscoring its role in enhancing patient well-being and quality of life. 75,000 Clinical Homecare patients avoid a 40-mile round trip with each delivery, mitigating geographical inequalities and burden. Overall, Clinical Homecare delivers the equivalent of 15 NHS Trusts worth of day case elective capacity.

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