With data growing in scale, dashboards growing in complexity and your clinical and operational communities requiring access to real time quality assured data at scale you need expert support.

We are able to partner with your team, upskill them and ensure they and us are able to provide you with the data you need, quality assured and actionable.

With a team of machine learning and AI specialists, we are also able to embed AI within our services and optimise processes such as benchmarking, productivity and quality assurance.

What We Do


Data pipelines and QA

We bring our NHS analytics mindset to building quality assured data pipelines that support your actionable insights.


AI for Benchmarking

We use robust statistical and machine learning approaches to adjust patient outcomes for the mix of patients treated to ensure information is comparable and variation is correctly identified and actionable.


Data Infrastructure

We ensure you can take advantage of the latest developments in cloud computing and security.


AI for Quality Assurance

We leverage AI and Natural Language Processing to improve the quality of your data.


APIs, Web Apps, Dashboards

We build custom solutions for you that ensure your data is actionable.


Support and training

We partner with your team, upskill them, bring them along and ensure you feel supported throughout.


AI to Support Productivity

We use AI and machine learning to boost theatre throughput, managing cancer patient lists and solve other operational dilemmas.

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