Supporting the response to Covid-19

Our page dedicated to reporting analysis on Covid-19 and its possible impact on the health and care. For further information please contact George on +44 7980 804 956,, @georgebatchelor

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Covid-19 has placed unprecedented pressures on health and care sectors, Edge Health has provided insight and analysis throughout

Our work focuses on helping supporting the response to Covid-19. This includes research, funded (Innovate UK) and client work. Our research work is split into a range of insights, more in-depth studies and support tools.


Latest insights


In-depth studies


Support tools

Demand planning


  • Tools to help Trusts and regions to plan bed requirements for the initial surge of Covid-19.



  • Expired. 



  • Index built to help identify Trusts experiencing pressure from Covid-19.



  • Last updated on 11th April. 

Risk stratification


  • Risk stratification tool to help Trusts to prioritise the most urgent cases on their waiting list.



  • Please enquire. 



  • Tool to help Trusts and systems plan and manage their capacity for the backlog recovery



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