Covid-19 tracking research and projections

Reported Covid-19 case numbers are a fraction of the total as many are undetected or unreported. Our Covid-19 tracking tool uses advanced analytics to estimate total cases, and project these using the latest information (updated weekly on a Friday).

Our estimated case numbers, which are available by region, are then used to project expected hospitalisations and deaths from Covid-19. Through our published research, we explore drives of the spread of Covid-19 and simulate different scenarios - read more here

While we take care to ensure that our numbers are correct, they are estimations and projections. If you have any feedback, please do contact us at

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Learn more about trends and patterns in the spread and impact of Covid-19 in England

Track actual case numbers

Our tracking research estimates total Covid-19 case numbers, rather than just reported cases.


Using latest estimates of Rt from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, we project case numbers. We often explore different scenarios in our research and on request.


Using projected case numbers, we use updated conversion rates to understand the potential impact on hospitalisation numbers. 


Projections are also provided for deaths due to Covid-19. These do not include deaths that are indirectly caused by Covid-19, such as from missed diagnosis or treatment of other medical conditions.  

Explore our Covid-19 tracking projections

Our Covid-19 tracking tool is freely available through the link below, which will open up our interactive web app.

Explore our Covid-19 tracking research

All of our research on Covid-19 can be found here. Some highlights of our Covid-19 tracking research are summarised below. 

The roadmap should be transparently and explicitly linked to data
The much-anticipated roadmap out of lockdown was announced and published on Monday. Here is what we thought.
Injecting some positivity
Over 15 million jabs later and we are starting to see the effectiveness of the vaccine programme in the UK in the data
When will we see the effect of the vaccination programme?
An impressive 5 million people have now had their first shot of a vaccine in the UK. But when will we start to see the effect?
The last lockdown?
No one wanted to start 2021 with a national lockdown, but it was necessary to reduce the pressure mounting on the NHS.
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