Survey results – isolating surveillance

April 2, 2020 • Reading time 1 minute

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Published 3 April 2020

On the 2nd of April we asked the question:

“In exchange for lifting the blanket quarantine, would you be willing to accept: increased surveillance (testing, tracking and contact tracing) a duty to notify tighter restrictions on quarantine (if test positive) penalties for non-compliance?”

We received over 150 survey responses in less than a day. 

Perhaps the framing of the question was leading (people will die if you say no), but the willingness of our network to accept some reasonably strong measures to remove the lock-down is evident.  

Only 11.4% said “no”.  The main reasons included:

  • Concern that it could go too far (police state) 
  • Force neighbours to report on each other (has anyone else had a dirty look after a shy cough?)
  • The wrong balance between protecting the few and infringing the many
  • Sweden seems to be coping fine without measures
  • Tests are not always reliable, and some might be better than others
  • Resulting two-tier society of the “have had”‘s and “have not had”‘s
  • Goes too far beyond acceptable boundaries

Three things that could turn some of the no answers to yes:

  • Time limit on the measures
  • Independent body overseeing the use of measures
  • Desire to see the same standards (retrospectively) applied to the Government

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