Lead Data Engineer

Stefania Deligia

About Me

Stefania Deligia is a Biomedical Engineer and Consultant with a passion for Healthcare Solutions, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise in Economic Modeling and Data Engineering. With a track record of over 5 years in the field, Stefania has consistently demonstrated her ability to drive impactful solutions in the healthcare domain.

Her academic background in Health Economics, Data Engineering, and Statistics, combined with her hands-on experience in Health projects, has equipped her with a unique skill set. This skill set has been pivotal in her role as a mentor, where she has guided and nurtured colleagues, enabling them to achieve success. Stefania’s interpersonal prowess extends to her interactions with clients and teams, ensuring that high-quality deliverables are a standard feature of her work.

She brings proficiency in coding with SQL and programming languages like Python, backed by a proven track record of managing, planning, and delivering Health Engineering projects within tight timeframes while maintaining exceptional quality. Her recent work at Edge Health involves working with NHS England’s theatres data team with migrating their existing workflows from a legacy system to a modern cloud environment. Beyond her technical prowess, Stefania is a dedicated advocate for personal and team development. She actively takes responsibility for growth, seeking opportunities to enhance her skills and contribute impactful insights from her work.